Nóra Földi.

Current position: People Partner

I started off as a student worker at Tesco and even though I studied tourism and hospitality, I became completely fascinated by the world of HR, so I decided to stay there. What intrigued me the most was the nature of the tasks involved: I like dealing with people and find it fulfilling to offer guidance that helps my colleagues advance in their careers.

I see the human-centric approach I represent in my work also reflected in the way the company operates. This is evident, for instance, in how Tesco values flexibility. There’s no need to be at the office by eight in the morning – in fact, the option to work from home means you don’t even have to go into the office every day. Of course, I do need to meet deadlines and it is my responsibility to finish my tasks in a timely manner.

The flexibility of working hours has been a significant factor in helping me strike a work-life balance. This has been the case since I started my career at Tesco, although my circumstances have changed in the meantime. When I first joined the company, I was still studying at university.  I had to manage my online courses and my daily work at Tesco simultaneously. This may sound simpler in writing than it actually was, but the informal work culture here made it easier for me to meet the expectations in both places.

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