Dajana Bileta.

Current position: Project Manager

At the beginning of your career, you are usually insecure, especially if you are in a foreign country. However, my colleagues’ support and trust really helped me overcome many challenges during that time.

I’m originally from Croatia, where I earned a degree in psychology, but after graduating I moved to Slovakia for personal reasons. I started looking for a job online while I was still in Croatia, and that’s how I found Tesco’s fresh grad programme in Bratislava. A new job, in a new field of expertise, in a new language, in a new country? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it just so happened that things went smoothly without any major issues. They welcomed me very warmly at the first meeting, even though it was only the job interview. The mood did not change later on either. Everyone was extremely positive towards me. Even though I came to Tesco with a completely different education background and no professional experience, I never felt for a moment that I was at a disadvantage because of this. I was assigned to the HR department, where initially they entrusted me with simpler tasks, but as soon as they saw that I could handle them, more challenging but equally interesting assignments came my way. The best part of it was the trust. Every colleague treated me as a partner, and I received real tasks and honest feedback, both when acknowledging accomplishments and when highlighting areas for improvement.

This environment provided the perfect backdrop for me to gain a comprehensive understanding of company’s operations and processes. The fresh grad programme itself is optimally structured, allowing you to gradually explore Tesco and the opportunities it offers. Although I’ve only been with the company for a year and a half, I can already tell that this is a workplace where you can plan for the long term.

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