People of Tesco.

Get to know your future colleagues and find out more about them and their story.

People of Store.

David Kursa

After I finished school, my schoolmate was an agreement worker at Tesco and he brought me here with him – I worked as a greengrocer

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People of Distribution.

People of Office.

Júlia Barnová

I started my career at Tesco in 2014 as an intern during my university studies. I’ve gone through the different roles and departments and currently

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Jana Wowerková

I started at Tesco 14 years ago as an assistant during my university study and after graduation I moved to People department, where I’ve been

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Young talents.

Samual Loziak

I started to work at Tesco in 2014, in the Graduate programme. The graduate programme gave me an opportunity to see all the areas where

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