Marie Dvořáková.

Current position: CE Buying Manager

When I was job hunting, I interviewed with multiple companies and received offers from six different places. However, the positive first impression that I received during my initial meeting with Tesco played a crucial role in my decision to join this organization. I was impressed by how welcoming and friendly everyone was, and it felt like I would be a great fit for this community. I began my career at the entry-level position of junior buying manager, and gradually worked my way up the ladder.

After overcoming a difficult phase in my life, I sought a fresh start and decided to change jobs and join Tesco. I have to say, the team here is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to working with. I often feel as if we are all part of a big family. Responsibility and stress are not uncommon in our line of work, but the fact that we all have each other’s backs makes a huge difference in handling such situations. I’ve never experienced anything like it before, where colleagues are always ready to provide genuine assistance to one another.

I was able to advance to the position of Central European buying manager within four years, and I attribute much of my personal success to the support of my colleagues and managers. I always knew that whenever I faced a difficult task or problem, I could count on their help and guidance. Having such a reliable support system makes it much easier to build confidence in oneself.

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