Dávid Jansik.

Current position: Corporate Security Manager

I ended up working in a completely different field than what I studied for, so I had to learn many new things. The greatest value of Tesco for me is the support I received from my colleagues and managers throughout it all.

I graduated from law enforcement training, although I didn’t necessarily wanted to be a police officer. I’ve always had a knack for structuring and IT-type thinking, which led me down this path already at the university. In fact, I wrote my thesis on the internal security processes of a logistics company, which was reviewed by a Tesco employee. He invited me to the company.

This was followed by a rather unconventional interview – we walked around the Head Office building discussing security solutions and further development opportunities. I made a strong impression and I was hired as a corporate security specialist.

My career owes a lot to my supervisors who taught me to think in perspective and work on my weak points. I gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and take on roles that required me to acquire new knowledge practically on the fly. For example, my English wasn’t very good, but as I began communicating more and more frequently with foreigners and collaborate with international teams, my language skills improved significantly.

Now, as a corporate security manager, I work in a highly international environment, which involves a lot of travel and very flexible working conditions, so I spend most of my time away from the office. The work is not monotonous, every day is different, and I find that really motivating – it inspires me to keep learning and discover new things.

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