Jiřina Veselá Jirku.

Current position: Head of Proposition & Sales

I always wanted to work for a company like Tesco. It may sound trite, but it’s true. I studied international trade at university, and I hadn’t even seen a workplace up close when this multilingual, multicultural world offering thousands of different possibilities took hold of me.

I have been working at Tesco for six years, during which time I have taken advantage of the many opportunities that the company has to offer. I worked in various areas, both at the store level and in the Head Office. I generally advanced forward, although there were times when I encountered setbacks. Looking back, I don’t regret any of my decisions, as each experience taught me something valuable that has contributed to my personal growth and made me a better person. These diverse but at the same time interconnected career paths can be incredibly inspiring:  you have the freedom to move in any direction, without being committed to a single field permanently.

But it is even more important that the company represents values that I can personally identify with. Take, for instance, the drive to protect the environment and promote sustainability, as seen in efforts such as preventing food waste. Having worked in the field of fresh produce, I am well aware of the company’s deep commitment to ensuring that perishable food items are put to use before they expire. Whether the customers buy them at a reduced price or we donate it to the needy through charitable organizations, the point is to prevent wastage of any kind. These things make me proud of my workplace. It is a great feeling to see the ads of the campaigns I have designed displayed throughout the city, and I enjoy pointing out to my friends that I played a role in their creation.

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